13 Nov

It’s That Time of Year

It’s That Time of Year

The time for our CSIA audit is upon us. We started our journey and it all comes to a head this week. Our endeavors do not end with this week’s audit however. Given what we have learned over the course of the year from different members, it is likely this audit will function more like a practice test.

We will receive the full examination. The bulk of all our work will be scrutinized for flaws. Months down the road, after we have improved upon the areas we need to, another audit will likely see us passing.

This is why CSIA is held in such high esteem among integrators and those that hire them. Becoming a CSIA certified integrator is more than a one step process. It requires significant work and scrutinizing audits. Certification will verify our commitment to providing the highest value to our clients.

This week promises to be a great learning experience. In applying all we gain, we hope to further improve our business as client-centric and value-oriented. Continuous improvement is as vital a part of Synergy Systems as it is CSIA. As technology and business change, so will we, ensuring we provide only the best.

20 Mar

Industry Recognition of CSIA Grows

An ever increasing number of industry clients are requesting CSIA certification from the businesses they hire for industrial automation projects, according to Manufacturing Business Technology.

CSIA stands for Control Systems Integrators Association. They audit their members based on 79 criteria. When they meet or exceed these criteria, they receive a certification acknowledging their accomplishment. To further maintain the certification status, CSIA members must face additional audits every three years. CSIA certainly keeps their members on their toes – which is fantastic for businesses who aspire to be at the forefront of industrial technology and efficiency.

The 79 criteria are spread throughout nine chapters that describe everything from client projects to business organization. Chapters like Financial Management and System Development Lifecycle challenge businesses to make sure they not only provide for their clients, but provide for their business a healthy and successful structure. In this way, CSIA chapters act as redundant controls, ensuring that their members achieve only the highest quality of service.

This month, Synergy has been paying special attention to business continuity, going over our plans for various hazards that may arise and how we can deal with them in a way that has little to no effect on our projects and clients. This includes plans for our own business practices as well as plans for common and uncommon natural hazards.

You may have heard radio commercials talking about ready.illinois.gov. FEMA has their own national version at ready.gov, which provides a specific section for businesses. The forms and worksheets they provide have provided us greater insight into our own continuity plans.

Whether you are looking into CSIA or want to improve your own business continuity, we highly recommend using FEMA’s resources. Many hazards happen without warning, but having procedures in place to address them will protect clients and businesses from facing the full force of negative effects.

13 Feb

The Voyage to CSIA Certification: Celebrating Success in Advancement

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Synergy Systems Inc. will soon carry the certification that puts to paper what our clients already know: Synergy is an innovative, client-dedicated business. The Control Systems Integrators Association, also known by the acronym CSIA, was established in 1994 to advance the practices of control system integrators. CSIA believes the work of integrators is essential for the progression of manufacturing and processor plants. Employing a rigorous certification process, they are able to identify and single out top-of-the-line integrators around the world. Like Synergy, these integrators are dedicated to their clients, helping them reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower their environmental impact.

Synergy is currently preparing for our first ever CSIA audit, which will solidify our commitment to intelligent automation. Our simple and flexible solutions already prove our innovation and dedication, and CSIA certification will stand as proof of these qualities.

“Clients will be reassured that, because we’ve met the criteria for the CSIA audit, our projects will be professionally executed,” said Synergy’s Vice President, Marc Hunter.

There is a lot to accomplish before we can participate in our first audit which, when passed, will grant us CSIA certification. A true test of teamwork, Synergy’s employees are banning together to accomplish this goal, which will inevitably benefit our clients and our employees.

We are so excited to start this journey. In fact, we are so thrilled that we plan to share the milestones we hit here on this blog, talking about our experience and how CSIA certification is helping our clients, employees and business.