24 Apr

What Savings Are You Missing?

We are all about optimizing the process and boiler room of a plant, saving funds, energy and time for our clients. When plant managers are looking for savings using cutting edge technology, we have what they need. Yet, many factories aren’t aware of the savings they could reap. They run in less-than-optimal conditions, venting steam, wasting money and adding unnecessary emission into the air. The elements of that plant may not be optimized, causing plant managers and engineers to miss crucial warning signs or  areas that need improvement.


How does a plant manager find a solution when so often they are unaware of the issues? The answer is simple: have the plant tested for overall efficiency. Boiler efficiency visits from combustion experts will pin-point all the issues that are draining money and productivity.


Specifically, an expert boiler efficiency visit will provide measurable numerical values for the following:


• the money that could be saved through optimization

• The plant’s carbon footprint

• How much steam (and therefore energy) is being vented and wasted

• Emissions and improvements to reduce them

• Where energy is being used and for what purposes.


Each of these elements is essential for the optimization of a plant. If energy is being used inefficiently or other elements of the plant are less than optimal, money is being wasted somewhere. Consider what you could do with the information from a boiler efficiency visit. Monetary gains are certainly high on the list of benefits, right next to increased plant safety and productivity.


If you are wondering where you are losing money in your plant, contact us today. One boiler efficiency visit from one of our combustion engineers is all it takes for you to reap the benefits.



17 Apr

10 Years Into Manufacturing’s Future


Manufacturing Executive has published an article highlighting the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s predictions for the next decade of manufacturing. The council, which is an invitation-only network of executives who work to design and shape a better future for manufacturers around the world, noted five different areas of change.

  •  Factory Network Models
  • Key Technologies
  •  Energy Sources
  • Design/Production Digitization
  • Workforce

While the changes in these five areas largely reflects how our world is changing in terms of education, energy production and technology.

Currently, the majority of manufacturing executives (39%) favor having a few large factories that produce for the global market rather than have a network of many small factories. This trend is expected to continue through the next decade, although the gap between those who favor large factories to those who favor small is expected to shrink. Only 31% of manufacturers are expected to follow the model of large factories.

The reason for favoring large factories may, in large part, be due to technological advances that make it easier to keep track of every important section and measurement in a factory. Intelligent technologies, which allow for simplified conversion of data into usable information, predictive alarming and the fine tuning of every factory compensate, are a key technology in the optimization of the plant. These technologies, when first installed, can result in large monetary savings since they can regulate energy consumption based on demand.

Energy itself is also expected to see a change in the future. More than 90% of factories currently use electricity from the electric grid. In a decade, that number is expected to drop to 84% as manufacturing executives continue to incorporate more and more renewable sources of energy into their factories. Wind energy, in particular, is expected to make a big impact. While only 7% use this source today, in 10 years, it is expected that 97% of manufacturers will be incorporating the renewable source into their energy usage.

The growth of renewable energy is especially exciting in terms of Synergy’s goal to work towards an energy independent America, an idea reflected in our Energy Patriot pilot program.

New technology also plays a part in the further digitization of the design and production process. While only 13% of manufacturers have completely digitized these processes, in a mere 10 years, 53% are expected to have completely digitized design and productions processes. Digital manufacturing allows the transfer of relevant product information between design and manufacturing groups in a plant. This kind of technology can be a huge asset in the optimization and profitability of a plant.

With all the new technology swirling around, a future of growth and development can be seen for manufacturing. The one wrench in the machine is related to the skilled workforce, or the lack thereof. Manufacturing executives cited finding skilled workers as their biggest challenge to success in the future. It is a bit ironic, considering there is plenty of news about how difficult it is to find a job. The Manufacturing Leadership Council has created a group dedicated to this issue. Just like other industries, attaining a skilled workforce means getting involved with high school and college students, making sure they know the opportunities that await them in manufacturing.

Synergy offers opportunities for college students interested in part-time or internship work in the automation industry. Interested applicants can apply through our career page

Regardless of the challenges that await the manufacturing industry, most numbers point towards a growing, high-tech and energy conscious future, with the continued growth of technology at the forefront of change.

10 Apr

Rockwell Celebrates 110 Years of Allen-Bradley With a Contest

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ROKAutomation
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ROKAutomation

Synergy ally Rockwell Automation is celebrating 110 years of their Allen-Bradley brand. We prefer this highly dependable bran in our Program Logic Control (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solutions.

To celebrate, Rockwell is having a photo contest on their Facebook page. They ask their fans and customer’s to post any photos related to the Allen-Bradley brand and stress the older the photo, the better. Rockwell will choose their favorite picture to feature each week and also promise some fantastic prizes. They’re not announcing all of them yet, but their website mentions a Jambox JAMBOX wireless speaker is up for grabs.

The Facebook page is currently taking submissions and will be doing so through April 26th. A grand prize winner will be chosen on May 3rd.

Here at Synergy, we are currently going through our stock of Allen-Bradley to find our winner. We would like to extend our congratulations to Rockwell Automation for 110 years of fantastic PLCs, PACs and all other Allen-Bradley hardware.




03 Apr

Safety and the Value of Risk Assessments

The control of combustion elements in a boiler system is similar to controlling an explosion. Within any process system, where specific elements need to maintain their prescribed balance, small miscalculations can be devastating. This is why safety is one of Synergy’s top priorities. While optimization and efficiency are of great importance, none of it matters if a system isn’t safe.

Regular risk assessments and timely inspections are essential in order to maintain plant safety. The illusion of a safe environment is often created by the fact that no harmful incident has happened. The time to consider a risk assessment is not after an employee or system has been severely injured, but before.

Like every other area of a plant, safety can be optimized for the greatest efficiency. Synergy’s safety measures, including our PLC systems and valve trains, have redundant controls to make sure that processes in a plant continue to operate optimally, even in the event that one small part malfunctions. In addition, we have perfected safety optimization to dramatically reduce nuisance trips.

The highest standard of safety is essential in a workplace to ensure the well-being of employees and equipment. That doesn’t mean you have to pay the highest price. Our combustion and engineering experts would be happy to perform an assessment of your plant and provide you with custom, optimized solutions for your safety, budget and goals.