10 Apr

Rockwell Celebrates 110 Years of Allen-Bradley With a Contest

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ROKAutomation
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ROKAutomation

Synergy ally Rockwell Automation is celebrating 110 years of their Allen-Bradley brand. We prefer this highly dependable bran in our Program Logic Control (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solutions.

To celebrate, Rockwell is having a photo contest on their Facebook page. They ask their fans and customer’s to post any photos related to the Allen-Bradley brand and stress the older the photo, the better. Rockwell will choose their favorite picture to feature each week and also promise some fantastic prizes. They’re not announcing all of them yet, but their website mentions a Jambox JAMBOX wireless speaker is up for grabs.

The Facebook page is currently taking submissions and will be doing so through April 26th. A grand prize winner will be chosen on May 3rd.

Here at Synergy, we are currently going through our stock of Allen-Bradley to find our winner. We would like to extend our congratulations to Rockwell Automation for 110 years of fantastic PLCs, PACs and all other Allen-Bradley hardware.




13 Feb

The Voyage to CSIA Certification: Celebrating Success in Advancement

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Synergy Systems Inc. will soon carry the certification that puts to paper what our clients already know: Synergy is an innovative, client-dedicated business. The Control Systems Integrators Association, also known by the acronym CSIA, was established in 1994 to advance the practices of control system integrators. CSIA believes the work of integrators is essential for the progression of manufacturing and processor plants. Employing a rigorous certification process, they are able to identify and single out top-of-the-line integrators around the world. Like Synergy, these integrators are dedicated to their clients, helping them reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower their environmental impact.

Synergy is currently preparing for our first ever CSIA audit, which will solidify our commitment to intelligent automation. Our simple and flexible solutions already prove our innovation and dedication, and CSIA certification will stand as proof of these qualities.

“Clients will be reassured that, because we’ve met the criteria for the CSIA audit, our projects will be professionally executed,” said Synergy’s Vice President, Marc Hunter.

There is a lot to accomplish before we can participate in our first audit which, when passed, will grant us CSIA certification. A true test of teamwork, Synergy’s employees are banning together to accomplish this goal, which will inevitably benefit our clients and our employees.

We are so excited to start this journey. In fact, we are so thrilled that we plan to share the milestones we hit here on this blog, talking about our experience and how CSIA certification is helping our clients, employees and business.

06 Feb

Tailoring Our Web Presence to Your Needs

Tailoring Our Web Presence to Your Needs

Welcome to the new Synergy Systems website and news blog. We have always striven to create automated systems optimized to your business needs, and now, we will also be providing you with high quality information about who we are as a company and current news in the industry.

There are some key changes to our web site you may want to take advantage of. Along with a more thorough description of the solutions and services we offer, you can explore the people who make up the synergy team under About Us and find the answers to common questions under Boiler FAQ.

Follow us as we continue to strive for American energy independence through innovative solutions, continuous improvement of our knowledge and elite alliances with some of the best businesses in the world of automation.

As we push forward into 2013, expect to see updates about our journey towards certification under the Control System Integrators Association and current news on money saving innovations in the industry.

You’ll be hearing a lot from us as we give you an inside look to what makes Synergy Systems, Inc. the optimal energy solution for the 21st century.