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Synergy Systems Named – Top 2015 System Integrator Giants – Control Engineering

Synergy Systems Named – Top 2015 System Integrator Giants – Control Engineering

Synergy Systems Inc was named in the top 100 of the 2015 System Integrator Giants

Originally published by Control Engineering, December, 2015 | Bob Vavra, content manager, CFE Media

http://www.controleng.com/events-and-awards/system-integrator-giants.htmlYou don’t have to be physically big to be one of CFE Media’s 2015 System Integrator Giants. Some companies that made the top 100 ranking assign more than 1,000 people to system integration functions; others have just a handful.

You don’t have to be a financial giant to be on the Giant list, either. Companies with revenues between $1 mission and $160 mission made the list In 2015.

What makes all of these companies Giants is one trait they all share. Big ideas.

It is the size of the solution that matters to manufacturers. Solving big problems generates big improvement in the manufacturing process. Those improvements can be measured in dollars and cents, and in productivity and safety. The 2015 System Integrator Giants measure themselves against the problems they solve and the plants they have improved.

This year’s Giant listings are different than in past years. We’ve not only asked our 100 companies for financial and business information, but we’ve also solicited their views on issues such as creating a successful partnership with manufacturers and their views on how manufactures can better leverage that relationship with integrators. We think you’ll find lots of big ideas on the following pages.

We also have provided a guide to the associations and affiliations that our Giants use to perform their job better. We hope this is also a valuable resource guide for manufacturers.

The 2015 SI Giants guide is designed as a place to begin the discussion on how manufacturing can improve, and how effective system integrators such as this year’s Giants can help deliver that improvement.

Originally Written by Bob Vavra, content manager, CFE Media, Control Engineering

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