10 Jul

Business Optimization with Automation

Synergy’s combustion experts are some of the best in the world. We are more than just boilers, however. We are process experts, optimizing process plants to produce information specifically relevant to the business as a whole. How many products are produced per hour? What percentage of products is produced correctly? What is the average amount of product within a container? All these questions and more can be answered with top level automation equipment optimizing a plant.

Synergy Systems Inc. is a group of automation guys targeting processes with combustion expertise. This effort defines our service to asset reliability. We imagine a plant where each machine has, in a way, its own mind, collecting tremendous amounts of data that can then be used to communicate with other machines and the humans working in the plant. The ability for the Human-Machine-Interface to be easily read by those in the plant is essential. Have the best technology in the world does no good if the data gathered can’t be translated into information.

Information is key in this world. Through a multitude of ever changing media, it seems as if every piece of knowledge known to man is attainable. In our daily lives, this poses a challenge as we try and uncover the facts among massive commentary and rumors. A plant should no operate like that, especially when it doesn’t have to. Having assets that gather numerous sets of data is pointless if it takes operators too long to decipher from that data information that is meaningful to the business.

Business drives the plant. It’s what dictates how, why and where a product is made. Business provides the key performances indicators that establish how well the business is progress toward their goals. Business is what we aim to optimize regardless of the service or solution we provide a client. We aim not only to provide quality equipment that produces accurate data, but equipment that can translate that into information displayed on a fantastic human-machine interface.  Depending on where the interface is, different forms of information may need to be displayed. The assets of a plant can extend beyond the control room with the ability to display information relevant to specific levels in a business. The information the plant operator needs will be different than the information the business CEO needs. With each department receiving the accurate information they need, business performance is optimized.

We invite you to ask yourself how you can optimize your own business performance during your next plant upgrade or inspection. We have experts here who would love to assist you with their knowledge and provide you with the greatest pay off.




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Business Optimization with Automation
We invite you to ask yourself how you can optimize your own business automation performance during your next plant upgrade or inspection.
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