11 Sep

Synergy’s Full Accountability Commitment to Clients

Business managers want the best solution to optimize their plants delivered on time and on budget. While multiple parties are often more than happy to accept a portion of accountability for the project, the process is most smoothly run when all responsibility is in one entity.

The majority of any automation or process control project is completed before deliverables ever make it to a plant. The software and intellectual property a business pays for needs to be built according to the specific desires and goals of the client before it can be sent on its way. Once delivered, there is often a need for assembly and final testing.
Smooth is the process where the person who orders material, creates the software, assembles the unit, performs necessary tests and trains plant employees is the same. Even experts who are thrown into the middle of an ongoing project will need time to at least familiarize themselves with what has already been done and what is left to do.

At Synergy, we offer to carry all accountability on our projects. We feel that our valued commitments to safety, reliability and optimization are best carried out with full responsibility. Clients are provided full disclosure on all projects, with frequent meetings and updates. In every moment, Synergy is open to the ideas, suggestions and changes a client may request on their project.

We are all driven by the goals and aspirations of clients. Through our solutions and services, we aim to achieve the goals of our clients with increased optimization and superb return on investment. This is easily accomplished on time and on budget with Synergy carrying full accountability.