15 May

Securely One Step Ahead

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Hackers take all shapes and sizes. Some are as big as the government fears, working for terrorist organizations with the goal of crippling countries or corporations. Others are just looking for personal gain or personal entertainment, tinkering with expensive computer technology to do so. We have posted a few blogs this year talked about cyber security. As more and more information emerges about the vulnerability of industrial control systems, we have seen the necessity to examine our own security measures in order to provide our clients total and complete protection from hackers. It is time that we stay one step ahead of the hackers.

The past few years have seen industry systems hacked in record numbers. While this is a new problem, it stands to reason that any system that has the potential to be hacked should have some serious protection. Think about the two most common personal computer operating systems – Windows and iOS. Most hackers targeted Windows, allowing the iOS system to maintain a reputation of cyber security. However, one of the reasons why Microsoft was so popular for viruses and hackers was simply because more people had a Windows operating system, providing hackers a larger target. Today, even Apple is not immune to security pitfalls. The only way to ensure the operations controlled through any computerized program remain secure is to have optimal cyber security as well.

Cyber security needs to move on from simply protecting the information on personal computers. We now live in a world where we have to ask ourselves, what would happen if someone hacked into an energy plant? What damage could someone cause by hacking into a food processing plant?

We pride ourselves with our ability to provide safe operating systems for our clients using our SORA system. Even so, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our security system. Hackers will always be looking for ways to break through the current security systems. This only means that we need to strive to stay one step ahead of them.



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Securely One Step Ahead
It stands to reason that any system that has the potential to be hacked should have some serious protection. That is why at Synergy we stay one step ahead.
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