Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators, or KPI's, are specific sets of data that directly measure the success and progress of any given goal.

Some of these are self-explanatory, such as increasing the amount of product used or increasing the cost efficiency of product production. Other KPI's may be directed towards goals that are non-monetary in nature, such as reducing the amount of harmful emissions or the time it takes to start a boiler.

Each key performance indicator will be different from industry to industry and goal to goal so it's important to find which best measures the success and progress of your end goal.

Using intelligent controls, it is possible to disseminate from a plethora of data the exact information needed to measure progress towards any KPI. This technology can be programed in such a way as to read data for the operator and translate it into actionable information.

These high performing HMI systems can be programed to track any single KPI measure, or multiple measures. Whatever you need for your goals, the right control system can provide the information you need to achieve them.

All key performance indicators should clearly present these 4 items:

- The overall goal to be achieved

- Progress benchmarks

- Pre-existing KPI data

- Target results vs. actual results

Key Performance Indicators are a developing section of Synergy Systems. We continue to grow our knowledge in this area as we believe it will increase the safety, efficiency and overall reliability of our clients’ systems.

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