Feed Water Control SystemsFeed Water Control Systems

Synergy Systems Inc offers feed water control systems to ensure proper operating water levels in your boilers for steam energy generation. A feed water control system can be automated to restrict the fill of a boiler tank to a specific level. Once the water level reaches below a designated point, the feed water control systems will open the feed water valves and fill the boiler tank to a pre-determined level of full. The continuous level control with a feed water control system ensures optimal operating levels, reducing waste, preventing overfilling, and preventing potential damage to the boilers themselves.

Water Systems SolutionsFeed water control systems improve boiler efficiency because the boiler will always have the optimal water level to generate steam energy. A feed water control system ensures minimal boiler water carryover, meaning the water will never be too high or too low and effect the boiling operating performance. Feed water control systems reduce the thermal shock on boilers when there is too little water and the boiler itself is overheated. Finally, with a feed water control system, the feed water pump experiences less wear because the pump is only utilized when it’s needed and appropriate.

Some feed water control systems include dual-element controls minimizing boiler drum shrinkage and swelling effects. Also, since our feed water control systems can be automated, it can also be integrated with your operations automation controls for a centralized control system.

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