The Energy Patriot Pilot Program

Synergy Systems Energy Patriot ProgramA brain-child of Synergy founder, Mark Urda, Energy Patriot is a program that rewards industry professionals who make significant steps towards clean, American energy independence. Following his philosophy that one can be good and be successful, this pilot program promotes the idea that U.S. industry can achieve energy independence while also significantly reducing their footprint on the environment.


Energy Patriot operates on the three main values Synergy Systems Inc. holds close at heart: Conserve, Optimize, and Generate. Technology is growing at an ever increasing rate, with new and exciting ways to create, use, and save energy. There is no reason to continue as we have for decades when the answer to American energy independence is but one idea away.

To this end, Synergy Systems Inc. would like to commemorate and celebrate all U.S. industry professional who make serious leaps toward the conservation, optimization, and generation of energy through the Energy Patriot program. Those recognized under this program demonstrate commitment to the goal of American energy independence. Their efforts not only position them on the bleeding edge of American industry, but earn them the financial and environmental benefits that come with energy savings.


Have you installed state-of-the-art technology that aligns with the values of Energy Patriot to conserve, optimize, and generate? We want to hear your story and see if you have earned the title of Energy Patriot.


Have a great idea, but need help getting started? Contact Synergy Systems Inc., today, and learn how we can help you to your idea into an Energy Patriot reality.


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