Boiler Optimization SolutionsBoiler Optimization Solutions

Your business goals are the most important factor when deciding to repair or replace a boiler. The Combustion Engineers at Synergy Systems excel is evaluating the state of a boiler and providing clients with the best boiler optimization options available. We provide you with all the information you need in deciding whether to upgrade or replace a boiler or boiler system. Regardless, Synergy Systems’ engineers go directly to client business locations, supplying the boiler optimization options of quality water-tube package boilers and Heart Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) with the legacy of The Babcock and Wilcox Company.  These superb boilers are known for their long life span, with some still in operation, today, after decades of use. Our package boilers can produce 10,000 to 600,000 pounds of steam per hour and our HRSGs can produce more than 200 megawatts.


The boiler optimization options that our Combustion Engineers can provide commonly can reduce energy costs, improve performance, and improve safety. Since boilers are built to run for long periods of time, our Combustion Engineers can help with maintaining boiler systems as well as informing you of boiler optimization options to improve boiler efficiency during operation.


Boiler Optimization Solutions

Let our engineers extend the life of your boilers and capital assets.  With our solutions, clients see signification savings over the life of their boiler systems.


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