Boiler FAQ

What are the best return-on-investment enhancements that can be made to our boilers?
Do we need to re-certify our boiler if we change anything?
Why should we care about stack analytical information?
Synergy talks a lot about boiler controls retrofit, how long does it take to complete?
Typical projects working a single shift can be ready for light off and boiler tuning in under a week. This can be improved should client's production demands require shortened outage times, but we will not sacrifice safety for speed.
My loads have been decreasing over the years, and now my plant is constantly venting steam. What is turn down ratio, and how can that be improved?
What can I do to improve turn down ratio without replacing the burner?
Should I replace the fuel valve train?
What about redundancy at the controls level?
What is so important about drum level control?
When is it time for a new boiler altogether?
Why upgrade the burner management system?
How do I get started?

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