Synergy Systems is a part of an exclusive group of integrators with the skills, expertise, and vigilance to ally with some of the biggest integrator names in the world. Our 33 years of experience is amplified by our alliances’ decades of work in boiler control and combustion science. Synergy’s clients rest assured they are working with a remarkable company of Combustion Engineers who manage and fine tune some of the most energy efficient systems.


Our Alliance Partners:


Babcock and Wilcox water tube boilers

Babcock and Wilcox
The Babcock and Wilcox Company (B&W) has been in the boiler business since Stephen Wilcox patented the water tube boiler in 1856. Since that time, they have expanded into numerous energy markets, all the while maintaining the same quality in their boilers. In fact, many of the early boilers they installed are still working today under upgraded control systems. B&W’s alliance with Synergy Systems Inc. provides an integral element of our Boiler Solutions.

Rockwell Automation and Engineering

Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation is another veteran of engineering. The company has its roots in the early 1900s, with a simple investment of 1,000 dollars. Today, they are the largest industrial automation company in the world. Having proven our competency, Synergy Systems Inc. is proud to hold the title of a Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator. Through the alliance, Synergy is able to provide clients with exceptional Program Logic Control (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solutions


WonderWare automation software

WonderWare is a leading provider of automation and information software solutions. Allied with Synergy Systems Inc., WonderWare provides the main human-machine interface (HMI) to many of our solutions, including Burner Management and Control Systems. Specifically, Synergy clients are able to take advantage of WonderWare’s Historian, Historian Client, InBatch™ Software, InTouch® HMI, and System Platform products.

Invensys Operation Management

IOM - Controls and optimization for everything
Invensys Operation Management is an elite creator of value-engineered components. They share Synergy’s commitment to the development of environmentally friendly systems that save energy and money for clients. Their work is currently functioning across the globe and at Synergy Systems, optimizing control software. The precise measurements Invensys software is able to produce allows for efficient control over various components in process systems.

e-Tech Waste Heat Recovery

e-Tech - Economizers
E-Tech boasts 30 years of experience in waste heat recovery. Their knowledge and alliance is essential to Synergy’s Economizer Solutions. E-tech products have a history of energy savings that benefit clientele’s bottom line as well as the environment. Synergy is proud to have them on our team as we strive for American energy independence through the optimization and conservation of energy.

Limeware Engineering Software

Limeware - Additional software and optimization
Our allies at LimeWare bring additional support and customization to the controls provided by Invensys Process Systems. Synergy’s clients benefit from the added usability LimeWare adds to many of our control systems and solutions. The company’s commitment to functionality and exceptional software is right in line with Synergy’s commitment to optimize process systems to the ultimate performance level that can be achieved with today’s technology.


Isnetworld Networld hiring company

ISNetworld focuses on two of Synergy’s main values: safety and reliably.  With those values in mind, ISN collects data on contractors and suppliers from capital-intensive industries and connects corporations to their database. In this way, corporations are able to see a more complete picture of what services are available that will best meet their needs. Synergy is proud to be a Member Contractor of ISNetworld insuring clients’ peace of mind that we exceed industry standards for safety, insurance and business practices.


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