NFPA 85The NFPA 85 provisions address boiler designs, boiler operation, boiler installation, boiler maintenance, and boiler training. The NFPA 85 covers the strength of boiler structures, as well as combustion control or draft control equipment. There are recommended safeties, alarms, trips, and other controls that the NFPA 85 deem essential to safely operate boiler equipment. Synergy Systems Inc. follows the NFPA 85 to keep our employees safe, your workers safe, and your boiler systems running safely and efficiently.


The NFPA 85 code applies to single and multiple burner boilers, stokers, and atmospheric fluidized-bed boilers with specific fuel input ratings. The fuel input code rating for the NFPA 85 designated boilers is 3.7 MWt or greater on pulverized fuel systems. This NFPA 85 code rating also applies to fired or unfired steam generators and combustion turbine exhaust systems.


As mentioned above, the NFPA 85 code rating applies the design of boilers, the installation, the operation, the maintenance, and the training milestones needed to be classified as NFPA 85 compliant. Coordinating the design and operating procedures with the NFPA 85 code rating is required for NFPA 85 compliant boiler systems as well as cleanup systems for postcombustion gases. The coordination should include continuous flow paths from combustion air inlet, through the stack or stacks to comply with NFPA 85.


Ask one of Synergy Systems Inc's experts how you can be sure to be NFPA 85 compliant and keep your employees and your equipment safe.

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