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Automation Engineering: Optimizing the Industrial Processes

Synergy Systems is an automation engineering and project management firm. For over 35 years, we have offered energy-saving focused product lines for turn-key electrification and automation engineering capabilities. Our expertise with automation engineering allows our engineers to optimize boiler combustion and plant processes, catering to the unique needs of each plant. Our aim is to automate the most efficient combustion and production process possible. The systems we create provide fast Return on Investment (ROI), especially in the areas of process optimization, combustion control, co-generation and burner management safety.


Synergy Systems Inc is the Chicago area’s Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) Certified Integrator. Given only to those businesses with a proven record of success in the development of control systems and process optimization, CSIA Certification embodies our values of safety, efficient and reliability. Furthering our commitment to safe automation engineering, Synergy’s principal serves as subject expert for the NFPA 85 Committee.


We are proud to provide the technology and know-how for the energy independence of America's commercial and industrial sectors.

Our Core Competencies:

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